CRYOVAC Gesellschaft für Tieftemperaturtechnik mbH & Co. KG

CRYOVAC. low temperature technologies, established in 1975 in Troisdorf near Cologne, Germany, is the leading supplier for customized cryogenic and low temperature vacuum systems for various research and industrial applications. You can choose from a broad range of cryogenic equipment, open or closed cycle systems, sample in vacuum or exchange gas, small systems for your microscope or room size bath cryostat systems with days of operation time, or continuous flow for variable temperature operation.

All systems are custom and hand-made, all design, engineering, machining, brazing, welding is done in-house and allows us various options for customers and fast response to our your specifications, even during the manufacturing process. Design and engineering of our systems is done in close cooperation with our customers, starting from the first idea and initial design, you will be part of the process, to ensure the best solution for your experiment or application. You can either choose from a broad range of starting-designs,customizable to the very last detail or challenge us with your application problem and we will start from scratch.

Our products are sold world wide by our in-house Sales & Engineering department to ensure short communication paths. Experienced Physicists, designers and machinists will take care of your cryogenics equipement and understand what it takes to meet your application needs and to build a system based on your specifications. Every system is tested in-house, together with the costumer if requested including a basic training of operations. Furthermore we will answer your questions and provide help after sales.

Our strengths at a glance:

  • A high degree of customization
  • Customer specications define the design
  • Great number of designs to start from
  • In-house manufacturing ensures best quality of all parts
  • Design adaptions even during manufacturing possible

Nowadays, as a result of more than 45 years of building the widest range of cryogenic and vacuum components, CRYOVAC instruments and plants which are in operation in numerous laboratories across Europe have firmly established our reputation for high quality.

CRYOVAC's R&D department

Our R&D department is ready to help you in solving your particular cryogenic problem, no matter if it is the dimensioning of a transfer line, the performing of a thermal study for an industrial plant, the designing of a turn-key automatic cryogenic measurement system or any other cryogenic / vacuum project. From the beginning CRYOVACs particular skill was the development and manufacturing of custom designed cryogenic and vacuum systems of highest quality and so will be in the future.

CRYOVAC. We are at your service.

You have questions about CRYOVAC, our cryostats and their fields of application?
Do not hesitate and contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.