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Sunpower’s mission is to produce “Better Machines for a Better World” based upon the free-piston Stirling engine (FPSE) invented by Sunpower’s founder, William Beale.  Subsequently, Sunpower has designed, fabricated, and delivered free-piston Stirling coolers (FPSC) born from the same technology as the FPSE. 


Sunpower was incorporated in 1974 and is based in Athens, Ohio.  Sunpower operations are housed in a modern 40,000 square foot facility with plenty of growth potential. The space is divided into research and development, engineering, testing facilities, machine shop, cryocooler manufacturing, and administrative functions.  Sunpower’s FPSEs and FPSCs offer higher performance, higher efficiency, smaller size, and greater flexibility than traditional counterparts.

Since the invention of the free-piston Stirling engine in the early 1960’s, Sunpower’s extensive research and development has been applied to the following Sunpower core technologies:

The Benefits of Sunpower Technology section describes why Sunpower technology offers advantages over alternative technologies and/or Sunpower competitors.

To learn more about basic Stirling theory or attributes specific to Sunpower technology, feel free to follow the links on the Stirling Cycle, Gas Bearings and Linear Alternators.

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