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Low temperature Joule-Thomson UHV Cryostat for SPM applications


In cooperation with the research group of Prof. Wulfhekel (University of Karlsruhe – Germany) a new type of UHV compatible SPM low temperature cryostat has been developed.
The new design is based on CryoVac’s very successful and well established UHV SPM bath cryostat which is used in various OEM systems.

The new system consists of a three stage UHV cryostat:

  • 20 litre LN2 bath cryostat with a heat load of about 8 W at 77 K and a hold time of the LN2 system of about 100 hours
  • 10 litre L4He bath cryostat with a heat load of about 35 mW at 4.2 K and a hold time of the L4He system of more than 150 hours
  • close cycle Joule-Thomson cryostat system with either 4He or 3He operation

The system is designed for 4He and 3He operation, respectively. In 4He operation the guaranteed operation temperature is below 2 K and the reachable base temperature even slightly below 1 K.
In the optional upgradable 3He operation mode base temperature as low as 500 mK can be reached. In this mode the 3He throughput is about 3 litre gas per hours which leads to a cooling power of about 1 mW.

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