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KONTI for Microscopy, Micro-PL, Electro-Optical measurementsMicroscopy-1

  • continous flow cryostat
  • sample stage with very high stability
  • temperature range 3,5-325 K (500 K optional)
  • temperature stability < 0,1 K
  • small footprint and low weight of only ~2,5kg
  • small dimensions, height only 45 mm
  • sample in vacuum, ecchange gas versions possible
  • adjustable sample holder
  • min. distance window-sample 1 mm (depends on window dia.and thickness)
  • quick and easy sample changes
  • 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch models
  • windows optical quarz or other materials
  • ask for custom configurations

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KONTI Micro for 3" samples with special heat exchanger and sample holder.
KONTI Micro with pillared sample holder, radiation shield and recipient and 4 windows in total.