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Vacuum isolated transfer lines for Bath-CryostatsLines-Bath

available in different versions – rigid or semiflexible, L-Type, U-Type ,or Z-shaped.

Transfer lines have the following specifications:

  • Low helium loss
  • Superisolated-vacuum
  • High flow-rates
  • integrated vacuum safety-valve
  • Re-evacuateable
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Thread for extension present
  • < DN 3,6 semi flexible version (max. 800 mm length)
  • > DN 5 flexible version
  • Custom dimensions available

To minimize the loss of liquid helium on the whole transfer distance, the transfer lines are vacuum isolated and equipped with a high-efficient superisolation. Using the vacuum sluice on the evacuation valve, the transfer lines can be re-evacuated at any time. The safety valve provides protection of over-pressure in the vacuum area in case of a leak.
The transfer lines are manufactured under constant testing, are verified in cold and warm state and evacuated with a HV-pumping station. Integrated adsorption
materials guarantee a long lasting vacuum.

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