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Vacuum isolated transfer lines for KONTI-Cryostats


available in different versions – rigid or semiflexible, L-Type or U-Type.
KONTI Transfer lines have the following specifications:

  • Low consumption
  • Superinsulated
  • Constant flow rate
  • Re-evacuable
  • Custom dimensions available
  • Special versions for exclusive LN2
    use available (please

All versions are equipped with a cold valve and a combined evacuation/safety-valve as standard. The cold valve enalbes besided the complete shut-off also a reproducible dose function, for this reason a scale is provided on the cold valve. The semiflexible versions of vacuum isolated transfer lines (see lower figures) enable a mechanical decoupling, a level compensation
and adjustment among each part thanks to their special intermediate piece. For KONTI-Transfer lines, a capillary is used as the inner tube – hence changes in length of the
semiflexible transfer lines need to be checked acurrately because of possible damaging (bend radius 600 mm).
The transfer lines are verified in cold and warm state factory-wise.

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